Sports & Fitness
The sports service industry is defined as the industry engaged in professional sports, sports venue management, and other sports services; and sports service industry can be subdivided into the professional sports industry, sports venue industry, and other sports services; sporting goods, from sports shoes, protective gears, soccer balls, bicycles, badminton rackets, golf balls, etc., are all made in Taiwan and have received international acclaim.
The characteristics of rubber, such as shock absorption, non-slip, and good resilience, are also very diverse in the application of end products in the field of sports and fitness.
For example:
  • Sports shoes use rubber soles as the basis to provide the non-slip and shock absorption required for different sports.
  • Protective gears use different densities of rubber foam for sports protection and rehabilitation needs.
  • Golf tees use high-elasticity rubber to assist players in performing better.
  • The balls made of rubber have high resilience.
  • In recent years, home fitness and personal trainers are popular, and aerobic and anaerobic exercises use different sports items and equipment, such as rubber foam yoga mats, rubber resistance bands, and rubber treadmills, which are all the rage in various countries.