In order to create a bicycle with both lightweight and rigidity performance, most of the bicycle frame and wheel frame structure parts are made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber has the characteristics of high strength, low specific gravity, and soft material, which can make complex and unique lightweight and high rigidity frames and wheel frames, and is the best choice for speed racers to climb and pedal.
Application of rubber products in the bicycle industry:
  • Due to the high-temperature resistance and easy-release characteristics of silicone rubber, silicone rubber strips, and tubes are often used as the basis of molds in the production process of carbon fiber.
  • The function of the tire valve is to inflate and deflate the tire and seal the gas, with French Presta Valve and American Schrader Valve being the most common, using rubber gaskets and O-rings as the stop leakage device of the bicycle tire
  • The rubber hose is responsible for gas transmission in the pump, which is divided into three categories: floor pump, portable mini pump, and CO2 inflater, and the small diameter and high transient pressure resistance are the two main features to be satisfied. With 3-4 mm as the main inner diameter size, LeeKuma rubber hoses can be custom designed from 200 up to 3000 PSI.
  • With the trend of aging, traveling, and energy saving, electrically assisted bicycles (E-bike) and electric bicycle products without emission devices have become the focus of the market, which can realize labor savings and be more friendly to the environment at the same time. We use moisture-proof and insulating silicone parts to assist the electronic mechanism.