As an international manufacturer of rubber products, LeeKuma has established a global presence in the fields of hand tools, transportation equipment, medical supplies, heavy machinery, electronic cables, sporting goods, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) pipes, aerospace, and military products, and solves problems in rubber application, design and material selection for various industries.


LeeKuma is mainly engaged in the development of rubber compounding formulas combined with two core technologies: extrusion and molded.
Extrusion is the continuous production of raw material through die controlling to make rubber tubes and rubber strips.


Rubber parts are used in various industries. According to different requirements from different industries, rubber parts need to be oil resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, ozone resistance, low-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance etc. We use different formula to adjust the properties, and test the material by precision instruments in specific situation simulation to ensure the rubber parts be suitable, durable, and stable. Our RD department is dedicated to testing rubber formula properties, and also works with the third party inspection institutions to ensure that products meet requirements of environmental restrictions and become a trustworthy supplier.


Rubbers are elastomers which are composed of high polymers, compounding various synthetic rubbers, carbon black, sulfur, accelerant and auxiliary to proceed different vulcanization systems to make molecules process cross-linking. That makes rubber products become elasticity, wear resistance, toughness, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The major production processes which LeeKuma does are extrusion and molding: temperature control extrusion machine, compression molding machine and injection molding machine, which can produce continuous length rubber hoses and strips, and rubber molding parts with precision.

Core Value

Consistent, Reliable, and Credible
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100% Environmentally Conscious, Sustainable Rubber