Motorcycles are mainly two- or three-wheeled vehicles that are more affordable and easier to operate than automobiles and require a low-speed balance of the weight as a riding skill. The locomotive is powered by an internal combustion engine, which consists of an engine, fuel exhaust, cooling, lubrication, and brakes. The operation of kinetic energy is accomplished through four actions: suction and compression, fuel combustion, oil, and gas kinetic energy, and noise reduction and exhaust. Therefore, the rubber parts of motorcycles need to be resistant to oil and gas, weather, and ozone resistance to avoid accelerating the aging of rubber parts under the sun in an outdoor riding environment.
Thus, the double-layer weatherproof gasoline hose with oil resistance and weather resistance is suitable for motorcycle oil hose transportation, and its service life is better than a general oil hose.
In recent years, the market has seen a trend of motorcycle modifications, for example, air-intake duct hoses and gearbox breather tubes are also dominated by multi-color silicone braided tubes, and PVC-colored tubes are often used to replace the waste oil ducts which showcase the unique style of vehicle owners.