Heavy Industry
The heavy industry refers to industries that produce mainly energy materials or large equipment, such as steel, petrochemical, shipbuilding, and mining. Compared with the light industry, which requires more capital to promote the development of the country, the equipment, and machinery used in the heavy industry, because of their huge size, need to have a considerable amount of kinetic energy to push, such as hydraulic equipment using fluid mechanics to increase the mechanical force of equipment and tools, by hydraulic valves controlling the hydraulic oil to obtain pressure. Therefore, rubber hydraulic hoses become an indispensable assistant to increase power.
Application examples are as follows:
  • multi-layer fabric pattern hoses are used to transport sand, gravel, minerals, and cement in the mining industry
  • High abrasion-resistant fabric pattern sandblasting hoses are used in tunneling construction to transport dry sand and wet sand as well as to remove rust
  • Marine parts also use rubber as the main material for acid and alkali-resistant properties
  • We can customize the anti-collision rubber strip to protect the ship's side, high-pressure rubber hose to clean the ship's hull, rubber elbow hose to form the engine oil circuit, etc.