The booming development of the biotechnology and medicine industry has boosted the overall national economy, public health, and personal well-being. In the field of biomedicine, from advanced biotechnology research, health care, and preventive medicine to hospice and palliative care, a large number of medical devices and equipment are required. Silicone rubber is soft, flexible, and antibacterial, and can be used in many medical devices and appliances, such as breathing tubes, nasogastric tubes, drainage tubes, oxygen masks, and other medical supplies.
In addition, silicone is non-toxic, colorless, high-temperature resistant, oxidation resistant, and highly biocompatible. It is also commonly used in medical device components, plastic surgery materials, dermal fillers, stents, contraceptive vaginal rings, and various medical catheters. As an indispensable material for the medical industry, LeeKuma has many years of experience in manufacturing and assisting the medical industry in producing medical products made of rubber and silicone, from medical equipment components to medical supplies, LeeKuma can customize them for you.