Product Description
LeeKuma is mainly engaged in the development of rubber compounding formulas combined with two core technologies: extrusion and molded.
Extrusion is the continuous production of raw material through die controlling to make rubber tubes and rubber strips.
Rubber Tubing:The structure of rubber tube combines various rubber materials, reinforced layer of yarn weaving technology and tube extrusion to form single-layer tube, double-layer tube, braided tube, and outer textile braided tube.
Rubber StripsThe structure of rubber strips is divided into rubber, sponge and rubber-sponge co-extursion, and the structure ranges from solid round, square, round hollow strips, square hollow strips, and custom shaped structural strips.
Molded, raw material is cut and arranged on the lower mold cavities and then heated and molded, or raw material is continuously fed into the rubber channel, heated and liquidized and injected into the mold cavities, called rubber injection molding, and silicone material is liquid injected into the mold cavity, called liquid silicone injection molding. The finished parting line will have burrs, and the post-processing methods include manual trimming, nitrogen freezing, centrifugal removal, and vibration grinding of burrs to achieve the appearance requirements. The surface of the mold is processed by electrical discharge machining, texturing, and polishing to achieve a glossy or matte surface of the rubber to increase the value of the product. The structure of the finished product is made of rubber, metal-bonded rubber parts, rubber combined with engineering plastic.
LeeKuma provides flexible products and process integration according to customers' needs. We can cut the rubber tube into screw washers to reduce the cost; we can extrude the rubber strip and then molded it into a window frame for door frame; we can glue the solid strip into large size O-ring and die cut rubber sheet into gaskets to reduce the cost of the mold; we can round the molded segments into a frame to meet the requirements of large machinery; we can arrange die cut parts, assemble, and do custom package for customers to integrate parts to components in a one-stop shop.